In memory of Izak Myburgh
Izak Myburgh spent the last thirty years designing time and attendance clocking systems. He was the founding member of TRI Superdata, which was formed in 1993. TRI Superdata manufactured electronic clocking terminals, which were distributed to Africa, Europe, New Zealand and Australia.

Izak was an Electronics Engineer. He studied at Wits Technicon, the University of South Africa (UNISA) and later completed a Masters Degree course in Electronics Engineering at the University of Microchip in 1997. He received an MSc degree from the Rochville University in the USA a year later in recognition for research journals he published on, amongst other, microwave antenna design and biometric clocking systems.

Izak was an elected member of the South African Institute for Electrical Engineers (SAIEE), and served on a number of steering committees for the Tshwane University of Technology for the establishing Curricula for their electronic courses. He was also appointed by the Pretoria University to judge research journals on electronic research projects, produced by postgraduate students.

The original SuperTime software was designed and co-authored by Izak. He also designed and co-authored the new re-engineered SuperTime+ software.

Managing Director Supertime (Pty) Ltd Jan 1996 - 2021 (25 years 2 months) Nigel, South Africa

  • Designed and developed biometric clocking systems
  • Disigned audio systems
  • Designed amplifiers
  • Designed Access control equiptment
  • Write Time and Attendance Software
  • Wrote Access Control Software
Managing Director Anglo Rand Technologies Jan 1990 - Jan 1996 (6 years 1 months)
  • Designed and developed Time & Attendance and Access Control Systems
University of Microchip Masters - Electrical and Electronics Engineering 1997 - 2007
  • PCB design
  • Embedded control
  • Programming in Assembler
  • Programming in C
  • Switch mode power supplies
  • Pulse width modulation
  • Utility meters

Rochville University Masters of Science (MSc) - Electrical, Electronic and Communications Engineering 2007 - 2007
  • Developed RFID technology
  • Developed Biometric Fingerprint bio engine
  • Publised research journals on microwave antena design
  • Published research journals on RFID technology
Wits Technicon Mine Surveying - GSC Mine Surveyors - T7
  • Surveying T7